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Experts also suspect that black students of color are disproportionately accused of sexual misconduct and mistreated during college rape trials. But it's worth noting that anti-male bias can be as powerful an influencer as race in cases like this, where a young woman is seen as the victim—even if she initiated the inappropriate behavior.

It's also worth noting that police intervention in these cases is absurd. Bill Davis defended his efforts using the following erroneous logic: "We had our detectives go to every high school and every middle school here in Bossier Parish and talked to all of the students about the consequences of not only sexting but how it can lead in to child pornography." Nonsense.

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The worst consequence of sexting is the one that law enforcement agents carry out: arrest.

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Another male teenager's future is in jeopardy after police charged him with possession of child pornography and contributing to the delinquency of a minor—all because he swapped sexy photos and videos with a girl.

Levar Allen, a 17-year-old athlete at his Louisiana public school, is black. Local news stories note that she initiated the sexting, and he reciprocated.

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